What type of Chestnut?


5 year old buck +
Two years ago we gathered a few seeds near Baraboo, WI, at the time we had no idea what type of tree it was. We planted a few in our backyard. Here's a few photo's - I think it's an American Chestnut - your thoughts please!....:cool::

Chestnut8-9-14.jpg chestnut2-8-9-14.jpg
Yep, buckeye most likely. Not good for deer but a nice tree for the yard. I have one in my backyard that I started from a nut.
Thanks for the replies and info - no need to transplant to farm if not good for deer. Appreciate the info!!
I have heard deer like the horse chestnuts, can anyone corroborate that?
No they don't. Only thing I've ever seen eat them is wild hogs. Well, that's buckeyes, but they're basically the same thing.