What to Trim?


5 year old buck +
Guys, I bought this winesnap yesterday and sunk it in the ground at my house orchard. I'm very new to this whole process, I do not know what to look for when trimming. Please let me know what to trim off and I shall do so.

So very much appreciated guys.


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Well I will give you some general thoughts. I am not computer savvy enough to put on those fancy colored lines on your pictures. Looks like the tree is limb heavy on one side. You will want to do what you can to start to balance out your tree, even to the extent of trying to induce a limb or two to start on the weak side. Also you can start from the ground up and remove limbs that will be in danger of your mower or browsing from critters. Looks like your top couple of branches will be alright as long as you tie them down, they are reaching for the sky and going to compete for the central leader position.
So you mean some of them (towards the top) I need to drive some staked and use wire, rope, or string and make them grow out rather than up? Any ides from anyone on which ones to train to so so?