What should I do with this location?


5 year old buck +
IMG_8627 2.jpg Where my neighbor got stuck hauling liquid dairy manure and got stuck. He had to unload in one spot and it ran down my trail for about 100 yards.

I have an inch to two inches of dried manure. I sprayed the surrounding grasses with roundup, today.

Till later, plant rye, oats, radishes?

Till now and try some sugar beets? Too rich for rutabagas?
How about brassicas Art they would love that N
Sugar beets are a good choice if you can keep weeds out. Anything that loves N is what I would use this year. Moving forward, I would make sure I had crops in there that would keep "mining" and recycling the N, P, and K as they eventually leach down into the soil profile. Rye, brassicas, and even buckwheat are all pretty good at mining nutrients and returning them back to the top of the soil profile when you incorporate them later on.
My neighbor got part of the area planted to corn with a bit of beans. I have the trail along the edge to try something. When it burns down from the roundup, I will try some bagas, turnips, radishes, or beets.