West Branch Farm Bucks

West Branch

5 year old buck +
Here is the #1 buck for the year. A nice 10 that I think was around last year:


I can't quite tell if this is a different 10. It is in the shade so when zoomed the shadows and branches behind disguise it but I think the G4 on this one is too short to be the same, it is a week later. Good news is if it walks right there on bow opener it will have an arrow, the stand is in the oak directly above its head :) barely 15 yards

#2 - 10 pt

MFDC0165 (800x450).jpg

Here are a tall wide 6 and a short tined 10. I feel like they look more mature (3.5+). We had a 6 pt last year with no brow tines that I thought was 2.5 so this might be it at 3.5. I am thinking it would be good to get them out of the way for other bucks to move in with those antler characteristics. I don't think this 10 matches up to the one above since they are on the same day and this one has very short brow tines based on other pics.

#3 - 6 pt
#4 - short 10 pt

Ok I just noticed this I think this is the one that is #2 from above since the brow tines seem to match and the shorter G4 compared to #1.

In my pic above on 8/20 the belly looks pretty round and I feel it looks like a smaller body here but antlers seem correct. What do you guys think #2 from above?


Here is #4 with head turned so you can see the stubby brow tines.

Here are 2 8 pts that I am hoping are 2.5 year old prospects for future years:





I think there are 3 1.5 year olds showing up as well.
Well that aint too shabby at all!!
Looks good. Seems like there's some good stock for future years AND a shooter or 2 for this season. Nice pix - and good luck this season.
Nice bucks! Good luck
Thanks guys! I have to figure out what stand to hunt for the bow opener still. 6 stands are sitting the barn still and I won't make it up until the opener to get the rest up :oops:. But some of the stands up may be in the right spot to intercept some of the above.

On the east side of the farm there have been 2 large bucks that neighbors have been seeing and we do not have on camera yet. One buck seen over in that area last year was described as 160+ by a neighbor that seems to know what he is talking about! And nobody shot him last year. The field those bucks were in is about 1 mile west of all pictures above.
I think that the #1 buck, the 10 pt was shot by the neighbors grandson the 2nd weekend of firearms. I was hoping to get a picture of it after it was killed but I have not seen one yet. They are good friends and we get a long with them well so we are happy to know the results! This buck had two broadheads stuck in it, one just above the lungs on top of the backbone and the other in the neck somewhere. The one above the lungs was from the neighbor (the grandpa) in 2013. Oddly they said there was nothing about the deer that would suggest it had been wounded in prior years. Pretty impressive that it made it through last couple winters with wounds like that! It was shot just over a while SE of where these pictures were taken. Based on other pictures at this same location I am thinking this buck was probably on our property during the day from Nov 4-6 when nobody was hunting. I need to figure out my vacation a bit better next year. That was the best time to hunt in 2013 to well based on cameras and nobody was there. We also had pictures of him in 2013 and we were hoping he was 3.5 but a good chance at 4.5 So probably a 4-5 year old for 2014!

4 cameras were not working for the last 1-2 weeks of October so I am thinking we missed some good pictures in other areas. A few cameras have not been checked since Nov 8.

MFDC0234 (640x360).jpg

MFDC0240 (640x360).jpg
Looks good.