Ultimate Waterhole


A good 3 year old buck
For years, this part of our farm has been an oasis as far as hunting is concerned. It's an impossible transition area to hunt from a traditional treestand. The way the topography lays out and the predominant wind direction gives the deer such an advantage. This place has plenty of water. Deer have to cross multiple springs and runoffs to get to any major food source around here. Except for one spot. This spot is only about 70 yards off of ag but it backs right up to a 30 acre sanctuary. There's no water between their beds and food so why not spice things up?



About 3 hours of work from start the finish. Pretty simple clay bottom tracked in. Just continued tracking over the dam as it was constructed. Don't have any intention of putting fish in it so I left it around 3' deep. Knocked this portion of the job out on July 30th.


Tilled things up August 20th and got a mix of rye, brassicas, and clover put in. Think it took two rainfalls to fill up and the deer are just stoked it would seem. Fawns go swimming all hours of the day. My main target buck has visited several times. Future plans for this setup are the burn off the brush pile this winter and get 15-20 fruit trees planted in this opening next spring. Installing a hard sided redneck blind above where the ranger sits in the first pic this weekend.



5 year old buck +
That’s cool !


5 year old buck +
Did you kill the buck from that set up? Any thoughts on putting your water next to your food? Obviously some don’t do that but it seems to me it would be beneficial.