Tresspassing ID of truck?


5 year old buck +
Had a pickup truck drive past my camera. Very active area for deer. Anyone ID the model of this truck? Picture was taken from my trails and food plot area. Not super road....Dayum!
tpasser2.JPG tpasser.JPG
Got a few of this caliber deer off the same camera. Age? licking.JPG
My uneducated guess is a Chevy truck.
That second pic has a clear view of the rib down the side of the box. That should be a big help in what it is. But will take some searching for sure.
Hard to tell. To bad the cam wasn't on more of an angle to the trail.
Biglake may be on to something there. It looks like a compact pickup like an S-10 or a Ranger.

I'd focus on the line around the box at the top of the fender. That looks unique like it could be a spray in or drop in liner.
There may be some glare from a chrome bumper, not sure.
There's no apparent rust or dents.
Look at the top of the tailgate. Is that one of those tailgates with a fold down ladder step? What are those points coming off the top rear of the tailgate?
You can't make out the fender decal, but you can make out how tall the decal is in relation to the line where the fender meets the bed rail.
Given how late it was, my guess would be they live nearby. Outside chance they could be weekenders as well given it was saturday night.

I'd do a little recon "after work" by driving around your neighborhood and looking for those clues. Then turn it over to the CO or sheriff. Without any tangible evidence beyond the pics, they may give you a case number and just "file" it. Noon time opening weekend you'd get a lot of looks at the trucks in the neighborhood. Even if you can't catch anyone, if the sheriff asks the right person some questions about trespassing and mentions their truck fit the description, it could be the shot across the bow that's needed to end that behavior.
I wonder what they did in the 16 minutes between the first and second pic. That's a long time to be trespassing with a vehicle at night.
Time for a gate
I believe that may be somebody looking for their horse?
Tom-I would put that buck at 2.5 for our country up there.

good luck on the truck ID. I would check tracks and see where they turned around, gut piles, etc.
Thanks for all the tips. should be in law enforcement or a CSI investigator. Good observations. I am going to go looking around the neighborhood for a box like that. Not many trucks in this neighborhood that are not rusty or bent up.

As said....15 minutes is a lot of time on this parcel of land.
No prob. My job requires some investigative skills that I've had to hone over the years. I hope between all of us looking at it you can get enough to figure out who did it. It's very frustrating to see things like that after all a person gives to improve their ecosystem.
That person may or may not know they were caught on camera. If you do find the person that did it, it could be pretty easy to conjure up a confession followed by a bs excuse why they were back there. Here's how I'd frame the question: "Were you on a piece of property over by (Foggy's place) on Saturday the 25th around 10:42pm? Before you answer that question, understand that I may or may not have clear trail camera photos of the vehicle and it's plates when it entered at 10:42 and left 16 minutes later at 10:58."

The specifics clearly indicate you do have the photos. Should be enough to get someone to crack. What they don't know is how good your pics are. I'm guessing because you still have your camera, that they don't know they were photographed.
I can say this Foggy, at least the first picture was not loaded with tires and junk. And the second picture showed he was empty.

Maybe a coon hunter looking for a dog? A 16 year old looking some Just wondering.

16 minutes of Poontang eh? Never know. ;)
Looks to have some sort of writing on the exterior of the bed...back near the tail lights in both pics. Its a blurred dark line with light colored line about 2/3's the way up.....similar to how an F-150 has the "FX4" or "4X4" in a similar location....not saying its and F150.....but it looks to have some sort of marking there.

sample pic
My guess is 1983–1988 or 1989–1992 Ford Ranger because they had the squared taillights and similar body lines. Bed looks pretty clean with no liner so who knows?!?
HA!!! Great idea!