Tree ID?


5 year old buck +
I've got these all over my property. They are very common most everywhere up here, I just don't have the foggiest what they are. Can anyone ID this? I'm contemplating building a permanent stand on some of these, as well as cutting a bunch down to create sunlight. I just want to know what I'm working with before I get too far outta hand.


Don't know if it grows in your area SD - the bark pattern is similar to Hedge (Bois D'Arc, Osage Orange) that grows like weeds here in KS, but you didn't mention the "hedge apple" seeds or the @#%$^% thorns, which would be very obvious. If they're present, that could be your ID.
You positive Stu? It makes sense, and it'd be great to hinge. Not so much great for stands though.
It looks like the basswoods found in MN and WI, but a leaf would be needed to be 100% sure. Basswood clumps are my favorite places to hang stands because they offer a lot of cover to hide movement when you're in stand.
We're looking to build a couple more box stands (not the deluxe ones). My concern is that because they grow so fast, that they stand may get crushed, pulled apart etc.
Basswood. Without a doubt.