Tree ID please

Jordan Selsor

5 year old buck +
Well this is a giant tree at the ambulance base I am currently stationed at. The pic doesn't do its size justice. What you all think it is????
Jordan, going to need pics of the leaves and how they are arranged on the stem - that is how most people ID trees. Also a general location of the tree. Looks like it may actually be 2 trees that have grown together just from the pics you have.
Pictures of the leaves please.
closer shot


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I first though hackberry whenI saw the bark - more mature trees tend to have the roughness of the bark spread out more. Best way to tell for sure is to get a branch in your hand and take a photo. I realize that may not be possible. Based on what you have provided I would agree with hackberry. If it is hackberry it isn't all that special. They will produce a berry (similar to a mulberry) that the birds like, but is of little use to deer, timber quality is low as well. My place is covered in it. I am removing it where needed - likes similar habitat where you would find black walnut (at least in my area). Not a terrible tree, but not one I would plant intentionaly to improve habitat. If I have anything of decent value being crowded by a hackberry - the hackberry meets the chainsaw.
Possibly, American Elm.
This is as close as I can get. It does have some small berries on it. Does this confirm hackberry?


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My guess is that it is basswood.
Not a basswood. The trunk looks wrong. They usually don't split off like that. You should at least say what state it is in. That would help a lot.
This tree is about 20miles south of STL MO
Doesn't look like hackberry to me. First thought was rock elm but I have never seen one close to that size. It isn't rock elm
If it were in Mn. then I would think Silver Maple by the trunk pictures. But the reason Basswood, is because of the berries. Not sure if Silver Maple has berries. Aerial roots would indicate Silver Maple.
If it was a basswood the leaves would be more heart shaped and about the size of your hand. Basswood seeds are little round balls that grow in a cluster - about the size of pea gravel - once mature they are hard (we used to use them in our slingshots as kids once we got in trouble for using rocks). Basswood bark is pretty smooth as well (at least until the deer find it). Hackberry (at last those I have northern) berries are similar to that of mulberry (red or black in color) and fairly small. It isn't a maple (at least not one I have ever seen). Silver maple has rough bark, but the leaves are totally wrong. Maples (all maples that I am aware of) seeds are the little "helicopter" winged seeds and not berries.
Silver Maple? Didn't see the leaves, but that's what the trunk/bark looks like.
Looks like a hackberry