Thoughts on score

Hmmmm... I cant get it to play for me. Can anybody else see the video? If not, do one of you computer geeks know what I need to change?:confused:
I see the vid fine. Scores high enough that I would take him. :)
Great buck! I think he will hit 140 with that nice wife frame!!!
That's a good one but you know how I estimate scores so I won't even try. :D
It plays for me now. Willy what the heck is that avatar of yours? Or is that what you get stuck with if you dont upload one. :)
I think I have a little more video of the same buck, seemed smaller the first time I saw him. Hopefully get a little more video or pictures of him incase the moment comes where I get a chance to shoot him.
Its what they give us who are not savvy enough to figure out how to avatar or who don't give a hoot about an avatar.:D