The quest begins


5 year old buck +
With the first big cold front, today begins a quest for a buck of a lifetime. I've been waiting for over a month to hunt him and while I haven't got a picture in a month my neighbor's have seen him and I think I have two large rubs by my stand made by him within the past four days judging by the tracks near the rub.

I could be hunting more probably spots to shoot a mature deer but he's world class so it's all or nothing right now until someone kills him or he does not come around to tend the does where I can hunt him. I may have many hours with zero deer sightings since I have low deer numbers so patience and strength to stick it out will be needed.

Wish me luck!
Good luck go get him!!
Good luck! It's that time of the year
Well I thought the giant buck I was after had moved 1/2 mile away due to the pressure from my neighbors so without ant recent pictures I decided that I should probably hunt the other bucks I scouted on public land this spring. With that decision made, I hit one of the sweet spots I found during the spring scouting trip and after 20 minutes of sitting I rattled and this guy came in 10 minutes later and I had another public land trophy. A few hours after I shot him I come to find out that I had a picture of the big one the night of the 25th, my neighbor had one the 26th not far from my property and then another neighbor saw him 1/2 a mile south yesterday in his back yard at 9am. Time is ticking for him for sure. My daughter will be out trying to get him this next week and if he's still around....We'll be at it during gun season.


Congrats! Really nice buck good job
Good to have options....that's a beauty
Very Good Buck, Congrats Man!
Nice buck! Congrats.
Shawn ... congrats ... great looking buck!
awesome public land buck!!!