Taking Inventory


5 year old buck +
Here's some pics/video that I have compiled over the past few months.

I picked up a 240 acre lease near Winona, MN and I am pretty impressed with what is running around.

These first ones are from MN.


How old is this first one? I put an age on him, but want to hear what everyone else thinks. Would you shoot him?

"Split G-2"

I believe this is an older deer, and as of right now I have him on the hit list.

Here's another one, tough to tell on this video, but this is a pretty solid deer.

Here's a big 9 point.

Check this video out. Look what the coyote catches.

This next group is what is at my home farm in Eau Claire County

I call this buck Drop G2, because last year he bent his G2 in velvet, and it almost looked like a drop tine.

This is from last year, I'm not sure if he was 3 or 4.

"How old is this first one? I put an age on him, but want to hear what everyone else thinks. Would you shoot him?"

Great area yg! I have coworkers that have hunted there all their lives and they have some brutes hanging in their homes. The headgear tells me 3.5+, but I really want to believe he's a beast 2.5! :eek: That would be pretty impressive if he was indeed 2.5. As far as would I shoot him, that would depend on how he looked in person and if I felt I had a reasonable chance of shooting him next season(i.e. he lives until next season, you keep the lease, and he remains in the same area).
He used the farm pretty frequently last summer, fall, and even into December. I saw him a few times, and my brother missed him with a gun, I was glad he missed. We had loggers at our place in June & July this summer so I figured he would get bumped out. Well he finally showed up at the water hole he always uses. It's funny, he always drinks from the same side of the water hole. Not sure if I'll catch him during the day down in the valley at this waterhole, but I do know his preferred travel routes from last year, and I hope to catch him on an early November hunt.

The M880 Low Glow definitly spooked him a little.

This buck is my target buck at the home farm. He's only an 8 point, but his frame is pretty impressive. He's either 4 or 5, and he was the buck i was waiting on. It's going to be fun chasing him.
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After that last video, I'm changing my vote to 3.5 or 4.5. Again it would depend on how he looked in person, but he looked a full half size bigger than in the first video
This is a buck that showed up out of nowhere, never seen him before, might never see him again. He's a donkey, I'm guessing 5 or 6 years old. Not huge horns, but a trophy. I'dl ike to get my Dad, Brother, or Wife a show at this buck if he shows back up.

Here's a few bear cubs that decided they wanted to play.