Staking New Trees and Tying Down Branches


5 year old buck +
Hey you big time apple guys.

What is the best and quickest method to stake a new tree and then if some have branches already, how do you tie them down efficiently?
I cage my trees and will tie down branches to the cage or posts I used for the cage. Conduit works good to stake there leader. The rope I use I call it clothes line rope I get it at Menards a buck or 2 for 100 feet. I use clothes pins to train new shoots, I'm pretty sure I got that idea from Maya. In fact I probably can say almost all I know came from him, Stu and the guys on this site and old one over the years and then just experimented a little from what they had advised. I don't even like replying to these threads most of the time because I'm just repeating what I learned from them.:)
Tying to the cage, Duh! Why in the hell didn't I think of that? Ya see, every once in a while common sense smacks you in the face. :)

Thank You!

I use the rubberband tie downs in the middle of the page to tie down my limbs. They rot away after a couple of months and I don't have to worry about removing them at a later time.
Baler twine to two posts across from each other to secure the tree. In this case the close post on the left and far post on the right . The tree isn't going anywhere. I also tie a loop at the end, so the tree doesn't choke itself off.
I wonder if you guys saw this video that (I think) Ed posted a little while ago:

I haven't tried it yet, but I plan to.
The twine from Peach Ridge Orchard Supplies is ideal. Also 14 guage wires. Bring branches down to 60 degrees. DSCN0961.JPG

What do you use to attach the tree to the support? I am needing to figure that out now

I use agloc, never had an issue.
Aglok it is. And do you place the support about 4 to 6 inches from the tree?
So do you recommend the precut 11.5 inch strips or a roll?
Yes badger. Thanks for the suggestion. I am not great at getting my distances for my stakes very accurate so I think I will go with the roll :)
Ya, get a roll for sure!
Thanks George