Sprayer for back of Polaris ranger

Preseident of my club has/had a 2017 pioneer 1000-4. Full cab, heater, skid plates, tire/wheel upgrade. Its been good to him, he has not been good to it. In 2018/19 he was driving the logging skid trails. He got a log stuck underneath. Popped his air cleaner pipe off, then he went through a mud pit. Insurance rebuilt the motor...... This guy shoulda been a lawyer.... Then in 2022 he was dirivng it way too hard and drunk. Wheel hit a log and tore a control arm mount off of it/ Insurance totalled it and he bought it back Since then have not seen it at the club. He brings a kubota tractor nd a polaris ATV he bought around the same time the side by side got beat up.

IT was fun driving around after cutting firewood up there in spetember though.

I leave my 15 gallon in the basement for the winter. I still put antifreeze through it. IF I get a side by side, just buying a 2nd 15 gallon tank to make a 30 gal.
Seems that most of the sprayer manufacturers are telling folks to use a bit of RV Antifreeze as the final rinse after use. I suppose I will do that if storing for more an a week or two. It's certainly cheap enough.
I put rv antifreeze in mine when it's stored for the winter. Easy enough. I don't do it after every use however.