some pics of a 6 year old buck I call crabclaw


5 year old buck +

Here are some pics from today, crabclaw shows up the prerut through January, brother in law missed him with bow when he was 4 but he looks like a brute. Also a pic of him this past winter. Scoot
Heart stopper
Dipper, he is in my winter rye and oats plot, man deer are hammering it. Thanks Scoot
That is a Tank.

Good luck with him.
Dipper, he is in my winter rye and oats plot, man deer are hammering it. Thanks Scoot
World class bucks enjoy the poor mans food plot, as much as the bob stuff! I always enjoy your pics, you have some awesome deer. The angle of the first pic makes him look just huge. Wow kill that slob
That is a magnificent animal. Good luck with him!!
That looks like an angus bull! Not many guys get a chance to hunt one like that!
Good luck!
THAT'S a GAGGER !!! What a brute. Good luck tracking him down!
Do I have a problem if I keep looking at these pictures?
Guys, I had crabclaw at 53 yards broadside yesterday morning, I did 2 soft grunts at about 9 in morning and I heard a buck grunting coming from a bedding area, he showed himself at 70 yards and my heart jumped, looked a steer with horns standing there he took a few more steps to 53 but that is a little out of my range, he lost interest and walked back into his bed, I snuck out and will be after him tomorrow morning. Pulled a cam on way out and another pic of him. Scoot
I hope to see you in a picture WITH him! Good luck.
God I love looking at big bodied bucks just as much as I like looking at their racks. Something about a buck that resembles a horse does it for me. Mine hasn't been camera friendly lately as I'd like to get a good pic of his body now.
GOSH ......AWESOME.........It must be neat to get something to have some history with. It seems like we can only get 2 years of history once we get one to 2.5-3.5, and then never to be seen again. GOOD LUCK