Sod Farm Auction Oct 28

West Branch

5 year old buck +
A bunch of equipment from a sod farm south of the iron range with online bidding.

Field and other machinery some might be interested in some equipment may still be a bit large for food plots:

BLECAVATOR REVERSE TILLER, Model BV350HDX, 12-Ft., 3-Pt., 1-Pass Tiller, Looks new
Two Dynatill 3-Pt., Ground-Driven Tillers, 13- and 10-Ft.
Joshua Breaker Plow, 36-In., Good Condition, Very usable w/Colter Oliver Tandem Wheel Disc, 13-Ft.
BRILLION SEEDER/PACKER, 12-Ft. w/Hyd. Wheel Lifts, Nice condition
Bebco Seeder, 3-Pt., 5-Ft., PTO (Deer Plot Special!)
Shop-Built Triple Unit Smooth Packer, One 9-Ft. and Two 4-Ft., 4-Ft. Diameter Rollers, Can be filled with
water, w/adj. fold for transport Three 8-Ft. Brillion Packers, Dbl. Rollers, Hooked Together
Shop-Built Smooth Field Packers, 8- and 10-Ft. Tandem Axle Fertilizer Spreader, PTO
Wilmar Super 200 Fertilizer Spreader, Single Axle 3-Pt. Snow Blower, Pull-Type
CHI 3-Pt. Landscape Rake, 8-Ft.
Two 3-Pt. Back Blades
King Kutter 6-Ft. Finishing Mower
International Trailer Mower
Long 3-Pt. Mid-Size Backhoe
Shop-Built Tractor-Pulled Road Grader, Large H.D.
Unit, Used for field roads
3 Tractor Hyd. Pump Systems w/Reservoirs
Trailer-Mounted Sod Roll Fork or Bale Spear
Older Manure Spreader for 2-Wheel Trailer
Asst. Tractor Tires & Wheels, Implement & Truck Tires