So You Want To Be A Farmer!





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Looks like it was seeded with a plane. Bet that was a lot of fun.
I had a neighboring field that was forgotten one year and they truely considered plowing it under because of the mess and time it would take. Between the soft ground, wind damage and what the critters pulled down it was a tangled mess. They litterally ran the corn in two different directions trying to get what they could. The corn I plant and leave stand for the deer are in much smaller plots and the deer wipe them out so no need to harvest. I just bush-hog, burn what Ican and then start all over again. Mo your lucky that 78 year old man didn't try to kick your butt for that!
What did you get for yield on that field?
Are there any pheasants over there, John? sharptail?
At $4 a bushel you can take your self out to eat and fill up your truck !!! HA