Small 15gal Sprayer build.


Yearling... With promise
Here is the info on a small spy rig I built last year.

I inherited a 15 gal tank with wand sprayer and wanted to try to make it into a sprayer with boom to spray my plots. I was initially worried that the small pump I had would not run a boomless sprayer so i built a small boom. My plan is to upgrade to larger pump when/if it fails. I will also install a boomless nozzle into the empty spot on manifold if needed. I have been very happy with everything so far. I am really glad I got the boom and nozzles.

I built a manifold out of PVC with three outlets going to 1)Boom 2)Wand 3)addition of boomless nozzle in future. I have it rigged up so that I can run on tractor with forks and pallet to use in some of the newer plots with some larger stobs in them. Also have ran it on the back of ATV and UTV with bed in back. All ways allow pretty easy adjustment for height.
I added bypass line through pressure control valve that allows me to adjust the PSI/GPM. It goes back into the tank through the drain valve to serve as an agitator to keep chemicals mixed. I also installed a small pressure gauge to monitor what is going on. I also put a small shutoff valve on the line from the manifold to the boom to keep from dripping when transporting tank.

I am running things at ~23PSI. Math works out to where full 15Gal tank covers right at an acre when going ~3.5 MPH. I am getting about 7.5' width of spray

Hope this helps someone out.

Here is a link to Fimco's PDF page with different tips and data for many kinds of tips, including some TeeJet tips, with tables showing approximate output at different pressures and application speeds.

I ordered from Agrisupply:
Quick TeeJet Cap 25612
Turbo TeeJet Wide Angle Flat Spray tip - Purple (TT110025-VP)
$ 3.19ea
50 MEsh EPDSM Self Retaining tip strainer (55215-50-EPR)
Quick TeeJet Single Nozzle Body 1/2"
Quick TeeJet Double Nozzle Body 1/2"
Quick TeeJet Triple Nozzle Body 1/2"
3/4" 150PSI Pressure Regulating Relief Valve
2.5" Brass stem Liquid filled 0-60PSI gauge



Nice build.... You made due with what you had, and it looks useful (unlike some of my creations)!

Nice! Good old fashioned ingenuity! And and have an agitator return line. Thats something i need to add to mine but my ground is so rough i wonder if i need it.
Looks good. Well worth the effort in making use of what's available.