Should I Plant these Grafts?


5 year old buck +
I have about 7 grafts in containers that are doing very well, I would love to over winter them and plant in the spring but I did this last year and lost 2 of the 3. We have been gettin ample rainfall and I have my spot I would put them all set to go and its close enought to be able to water if I need to, Should I take the risk and plant them now?

this is where I would put them granted this space isnt big enougth for all of them I would then transplant the extra next spring
If you can keep the soil around the roots intact you will probably be alright since you can water if need be. If you can provide some shade for a couple of weeks that would be beneficial. They are small enough I think they will be fine if rootball stays intact.
I personally never plant, or transplant, trees of any kind outside the dormant season. I'd wait 'til Fall.
I prefer spring as I can keep them watered without affecting deer travel patterns if you have to water in the fall.

I did plant 3 swamp white oaks last fall after they had shed their leaves and it seemed to work.