Respirator for Habitat work?


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Any suggestions out there for a decent respirator? Mid-tier priced?

Right now my uses would be on Gly, 24D, Triclopyr, and Bonide on apple trees. I’d use it about 4 times per year with a backpack sprayer and/or atv sprayer.

What are the attributes I should look for in a mask?
Very well played howbout😂……double maskers will always be a special category of ignoramus unto themselves.
As a certified herbicide sprayer at one time, I would look at what the MS or manufacturer sheets say. They can be pretty specific. If you have a beard, you can go with a positive pressure face mask type with appropriate filters. If I was using a back pack sprayer, I would probably use tyvek overalls & gloves. Overkill, maybe, but we tend to find out the toxicity in hind site.
I prefer the n95 one with the check valve. Keeps that wet clammy thing from happening to the filter. Filter air in, exhale though the check valve. Home depot has them.

also, liming is a good time to wear one. Even more so using a bag or push spreader.

Im all ears on this thread too. Picked up a backpack blower sprayer. No beard or mustache here.

Only using it for pesticides on apple trees. something a bit tougher than bonide. imidan or actran or something spelled like that.
I do have a beard so positive pressure it is! Thank you.

I always try to pick a good time to spray…..but still end up getting coated in it most times.

What started me thinking was last fall when the commercial sprayer came to my land to burn down my 25 acres of horse hay for corn this spring.

He was running a huge new JD spray rig with 50’ booms and was wearing a respirator inside the cab! But he was also spraying some serious stuff…..Triclopyr, 24D, gly, and another one I forgot, all in the tank at once.
Do not use a N95 for chemicals! They are for particles, i.e. dust, although they will stop a large droplet from hitting you in the mouth. Get a 3M like @omicron1792 posted and get the appropriate cartridge.
I use a Honeywell P100 respirator filter for everything. It is both particulate and chemical rated. Great for spraying, spreading and construction related tasks.

Honeywell 75SCP100L North by Honeywell

Works on any North/Honeywell facepiece.

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Here's what I use. Learn how to do a positive pressure fit test. If you can get a seal you may as well not even have it on. I have and use this.

I bought this one from lowes this weekend.

Wife was coming with me and some trees in pots, so I didn't have room for my tow spreader. I spread a few bags of lime and fertilizer on 2 1/8th acre plots. I used to put on the n95 dust masks, but you feel some of it going through. No the masks material, but leaking by your cheeks. So, I got real respirator. I actually got fit tested at work on one of them a few years back, so I know medium fits me well.

P100 cartridges are overkill on fertilzer and lime. I should of kept the cartridges in their bag and picked out the flat round N95 filters for the mask. Would of been a bit easier to breathe through too.

P!00 means its a good filter. All filters / cartridges with P100 mean they filter down smaller particles than a n95 and are good on oil particles. Far as the chemical absorption ability, P100 doesnt mean anything. You have to get a catridges with activated charcoal in them. Generally the cartridges you need are pink / yellow. Pink is P100 and yellow is the chemical absoprtion.

Here's a good overall one for 3m masks.

I might use this mask once or twice for herbicide spraying, but ultimately I am going to get a PASP positive air hood. I may go with the military / police CBRN stuff. They look a good bit cheaper on ebay.