(Relocated) Interesting Farm News Today


5 year old buck +



Can't get crops out of oil country. Next best idea on roundup ready weeds about to hit the market. Giant sinkhole possible in Russia. Haven't had this much interesting farm news in one day for a while.
And another wild land sale: http://www.agweb.com/article/land_s...ge_in_woodford_co._illinois_NAA_Mike_Walsten/

$13,900. I like to pick a random/boring/low beta stock for opportunity cost comparison. This week, I'll pick Pfizer. Currently yielding 3.62% would pay an annual dividend of $503 with an annual dividend growth rate of 7.6% yields a five year dividend projection of:

2014: $503
2015: $541
2016: $582
2017: $626
2018: $674