Prop Tax & Culvert Question


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Hey team,

I think my brother is finally ready to start breaking ground on a hunting shack. To make that happen, we need to put in a road approach and culvert. We'd also like to get electricity run out there. I'll check with the proper channels when the time comes, but for now...

Will the road approach and electricity up my property taxes?
Who do I ask for permission and specs on culvert?

For the electricians: Is it possible to run a large power cable from the power pole to a non-attached (so no official building assessment on prop tax) structure to power it?
In my area any "improvement" will more than likely increase the value and thus the assessment of your property. I have seen property taxes increase over something as simple as a lean-too and I bet the availability of electricity will up those chances. Start with your county and see what they say as far as the culvert is concerned.
I had electric put in at my land with no structure on it. They ran it off the road about 800 ft or so and buried the cable. The electrician installed meter and breaker box next to transformer. Cost me around 4 grand but not sure how it will affect taxes. I was also told from neighbors that the township will give me a culvert when we build a house on the property.
I wonder if a permit was required for the power, or if their is any sort of notification to the county?
I believe the electrician had to pull a permit. He wasn't sure how to do it with no address though so Stearns Electric dealt with it. I'm sure it will have some impact on taxes but that's out of my control.
SD, every county/township is different so you gotta check to avoid fines, especially for culverts. My one 40 is valued higher then the other because of township road access and power which equals higher taxes. I put a new access in which involved a culvert but because it was off of a township road no permit required. Different for a county road. I'm putting in a small pre-fab cabin in a few weeks. Needed a building permit even for a prefab structure. I already had a breaker box coming off the meter so I buried a power line myself and will wire the cabin myself but still need an inspection. I had to get a permit for an outhouse and will require an inspection of that as well. No matter what you do they will identify changes next time they assess the property and hit you for permit fees, possible fines and re-do of your work so you gotta get it right up front.
Crow Wing County is a little different, so keep that in mind.

We have a $350 deposit for a culvert/access point to a county road. If the cost to install it is less than $350 you get the difference. If it's more, that's your contribution.

Improvements in general will raise your taxable value as they increase the value of the parcel. Improved access isn't likely to come up on an assessor's radar, but the electric might. You can always call your assessor to ask. Mine just retired last year, but prior to that he was a huge help in clarifying what changes would have tangible impacts to my bottom line.