Pole saws?

Deer Kar

5 year old buck +
I'm thinking of buying a gas powered pole saw? Any one have any suggestion on what I should get. Most of my sets are 20-25+ feet up ? Not sure of brand or pole telescopeing ability? I have had a Stihl chainsaw for ever with out any issues? Looking for any Input.
I have never had one but if you already have a Stihl I'd stick with Stihl. Sure you may pay more but the quality is there.
I used one on a Craftsman weed wacker. It worked ok. Not very long though. I doubt you will find a gas powered saw that reached to 20 feet. I would personally stick with a good quality pole saw for stuff I can't reach with a chainsaw.
I used to use a blade & lopper pole saw & I dreaded hanging new stands. Several years ago I bought a Stihl. Now I don't even blink about trimming any limbs anywhere. Very happy with it. Don't recall which model it is, but it telescopes, hangs over the tailgate of my 6'6" bed & was about $600. The price hurt for a few months, but means nothing now. It was a lot of money, but well worth it for speed, convenience, and years of trouble free use. I can reach well over 20 feet up. The first time you use it you'll wish you'd bought it years ago.
I have a Stihl HT 101 - easy starting and works well. Makes trimming overhanging limbs much quicker and safer than using a chain saw with ladder. I compared this saw with an Echo model, I like the feel of the Stihl better - I would buy again...;)
Hey Deer Kar, One more comment, most Stihl dealers I have talked with won't discount the retail price. I was able to locate a small out of town dealer that reduced the price on the HT 101 by $80.00. He sells trade-in on CL. Good luck with your decision!
We have the Stihl pole saw. Great unit.
My brother bought a new Stihl pole saw last year and it works great. I don't know the specific model number, but it telescopes out a long ways - I'd guess 15'+. We've had great luck with Stihl chainsaws and I would also recommend the Stihl pole saw
We have 3 Echo pole saws at work. No complaints.