Plot Watcher Camera Recommendation's



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I have a couple of plotwatcher pro's. Amazing cameras. 8 AA batteries will power 1 for 2 months taking a picture every 5 seconds day and night. Night pics don't have light but mine is to catch people who bring their own light... works pretty good in a full moon too.
Yes, you can set it to come on and go off time based or light based...
I like the plot watcher feature on the Moultrie M80s. Hard to get good antler definition beyond say 50 yds though.
I find the plot watcher feature on my Moultries easier to use than on my Covert camera. It may just be I have had the Moultrie camera longer and am more use to them. I really to like the Scouting Assistant software that came with the Covert camera though. You can get that software separately though.
I've used both on Moultrie M-80 & a Covert Black 60. I'd have to give the Covert a higher rating as it takes a 12 MP picture and you get a better pic when blowing it up.

Can you set the camera for just 2 hrs before dark and 2 hrs after sun up to save on the batteries?
Yes on both.
An M80 is my favorite scouting camera, much better than the M880 for still photo's but the battery life in plotwatcher mode on mine is not very good. My plotwatcher pro that I have coming on at 5 AM and going off at 9 PM will get near 4 months out of a 8 AA's according to current usage... thats a picture every 5 seconds for 16 hours in a row... If I just wanted AM and PM pics I am sure I could get 6 months out of a set of batteries...

One thing about it, no matter which one you use they will tell you exactly where and when the deer use your plot, where they come from, how they move around it, and exactly where they leave it...