One Happy Daddy!





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Must have been fun! Looks cold too
Congrats to your daughter and you! Nice buck.
You got a reason to be happy.
Congrats. That is an awesome buck. I love 25 yard gun shots.
Outstanding MBC! Congrats to you and your daughter!
congrats! thats a heck of a nice deer!
That looks like a 140" deer! Well done!
Congrats to your Daughter.
congrats to herl!! great deer!
Wow Mo, just great. Congrats to you both!!
Very nice. Great buck and shot.
Very nice deer, good job Dad ( and Daughter)
Well done. Great to get the young ones involved.

I'm a little jealous of her deer though!

Wow, congrats to you both!
congrats mo. got to be a great feeling. very nice buck too.

i'm hunting with my daughter in wisconsin this weekend. can't wait. she got her first deer there last year. bucks only this year so we'll see, going to be tough. better feeling than when your children enjoy what you enjoy.
Congrats to the lucky hunter and dad as well!:D

I only hope I can put my youngest on one a third that size next week MO. She truly loves to hunt with dad, so I try my best to keep her "in the game". She went shooting with the neighbor yesterday and after putting the first 2 shots in the bull at 100 yards she didn't feel it was worth wasting any more ammo. Lol I have had her gun dialed in for a couple weeks now and it is the first time she had been able to shoot it since then. I told her no excuses on the gun being the problem now!:oops::rolleyes:
Great deer, Mo. Congrats to your daughter and you !!!