Old forum.


The worst part of loosing the old forum was that Paul posted under DoubleTree yesterday.

Hopefully all the changes don't keep him from stopping back.
I know.

We finally got Dbltree and Brushpile and the next day the site takes a crap.

Someone post an email address for Paul again, I'll contact him directly and assist in setting up an account for him.

I think I have an email for Brad... Unless someone else can reach out to him for me.



Be sure to invite his son Jessie. I've never seen Jessie post anywhere.
I don't think Jesse is into the forum thing... But I do have an email address for him. I'll reach out to him and see what we can do.

Im enjoying this place very much. I hope it stays this way. No product pimping just sound land management fun! QDMA has done great things and Im still a member but its just turning into a big corporate product pushing monster with a $$$ mindset. I think Im done with it
I have a feeling it will stay this way. Though we all might have to kick in and help with the costs.

John says not yet. Long term though it has to get paid for. I hear ya on the other place. I have posted since moving here but it's getting pretty rare.

I agree this place is shaping up rather well.
I've reached out trying to get Paul back... No luck so far. Hopefully he'll stop by before its too late!

No worries about the commercial things getting out of control around here. That's not why this site exists.

As far as monetizing this place just to cover the costs: so far its pretty cheap to operate. I probably have $1k in the original site and this one combined. Hosting is super cheap (less than $10 a month). But as the site grows and gets older, I will eventually have to upgrade the hosting to something more along the lines of $500 - $1000 per year. Hopefully by then I will have come up with a method to cover the costs and not wreck the site. I think I can do it. I'll be playing with a few ideas this summer.


I don't think you'll have a problem raising $1k + from the members here to keep things going the way they are John. ;)

If you do....I'll be surprised (and very, very disappointed)
Heck ya a bow an gun raffle! Done deal:)
JS....you posted: " turning into a big corporate product pushing monster with a $$$ mindset. I think Im done with it."

Do what you will...but let me offer a little pushback.

The more the merrier. Knowledge is cumalative. Meaning, as knowledge disbursors grow, and the stuff they disburse grows........ so does knowledge. Habitat-Talk, QDMA forums, M-S Habitat, IA Whitetails, and others.......those are all good things. Good for us knowledge seekers. Nobody has the franchise on the 'right' knowledge, or the 'only' knowledge ...it is too evolving for it to become franchisable. So revel in these expanding venues that display the experiences and the thought-processes of hands-on opreators. . We may get exposed to 'sellers' and 'marketers' and such. So be it.

Let us do what we do when we watch the telly.....and are inundated with adverts......let us discrimately decide which is credible and which is just hustle. An act...buy....accordingly.

Of course, there is the competitive nature of American commerce. None of these forum 'hosters' wants more forum hosters. Competition can be intrusive, can be confusing. But it also creates. It creates the opportunity for these forum-operators to be entreprenuers. To make a buck. And it follows, for us seekers, they also provide the 'eyeballs' that sellers want. And are willing to pay for. Be cool with that.

I go to my local small-town theatre operator to see a movie. But I pay to see it. He provides the venue. He earn a buck. I'm cool with that.

It is all good.
palepoint I understand business very well and if I was in management for corp QDMA I would undoubtedly be pushing for as much growth and prosperity as possible. That's the kind of person I am to a certain extent. But you cant argue with growth you lose a little something along the way. Its similar to my landscaping biz or any biz for that matter. Many of my customers pay more than they have to because they are glad to see a hard working young man working a third job to provide for his family. If I were to hire a bunch of cheap labor then spend my time doing nothing but drumming up business I would def make more money but in turn I would lose some of my customers that want that personal trusting relationship with someone that comes to their home on a reg basis. With me they trust and know they do not have to decipher through the BS. QDMA has also earned many peoples trust along the way and has grown leaps and bounds. I worry though that in this massive growth they lost a little bit of that touch that drew me to the organization in the first place... Just my 2cents my friend
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I think everyone on this site should send John a Christmas card with $20 in it. All cash and just a gift.
If he will message me an address, I will send an early June Christmas card.
OK, guys, I hear your concerns. But, I would also offer that organizations inevitably begin to accumulate critics as they evolve and grow and age. That is as true with the QDMA group as it is with Google, Apple, Mercedes Motors, your in-home business, or your local church. It is an inevitability. I get that.
But, the goodness or badness of QDMA, or any organization for that matter, is not the thrust of my earlier post. My view is simply: The more the merrier. I win by more. This Habitat-Talk site is a good thing. Other sites..... more ‘other’ sites...... is also a good thing.
Again, I go back to my belief that it is “knowledge” that is the real coin-of-the-realm here. Not loyalties. Not fors or againsts. We, as the consumers, want as much useful information as we can get. So more sites, like this good one here, and like the several others offering habitat‘knowledge’ ….well, that is a big benefit to us all. Our ‘library’ system is getting wider. There are more resources for us.
I don’t think it is bad for QDMA to evolve…..or for Google to do so. The result of their changing now gives me two websites. Two. Two accumulating and displaying the hands-on experiences of folks who have very similar interests as my own.
That’s not a bad thing.
Paleo, you make a very valid point IMO but see it similar to watching live tv or using the DVR. The DVR lets me cut out all the bs advertising. Guess it boils down to tolerance for the distractions and having choices. And like you said choices are a good thing.