NY Times article features WI's Dan Bussey (apple historian)

Yes, I've attended 2 grafting classes taught by Dan Bussey at Weston Antique Orchard. While he is from Wisconsin, he works for the Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah Iowa. Great guy who LOVES to talk about apples. Thanks for sharing!
I just read this article today....I went to high school in Edgerton.

There is also a small (unincorporated) town Busseyville near by named for his family. Now I wonder where his orchard is.
He was also on a call in program on NPR in early Nov.
I thought there was another person from Cornell on the program with Mr. Bussey and it seems like the broadcsart date and time was Nov. 7, afternoon on the local station.

I was picking my daughter up from college to go deer hunting-only way I would remember.