Not sure if anyone has seen this before, but seems like a good resource.


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I am posting a link that I stumbled across on the "dark side" that seems very interesting for guys trying to propagate oaks from home picked/gathered acorns. Not sure if the original poster is a member here, so I thought I would post it, as many do not frequent the "dark side" any longer, and it has some good info.

A Practical Guide For Seed Collectors And
Nursery Managers and care of acorns.pdf
Just need to clear your cookies for the site and release/renew your IP address via your router. ;)
Log into your router via in the address bar of your web browser. You'll need to know the user name and password you set up (I hope) to get in. After that it's in the tabbed menus for most routers and should be easy to figure out.
I don't log in over there either, but sometimes a search pulls up a thread.
Which is why I told you how to dump the IP address they blocked. ;) Some other poor soul will be prevented from signing up and joining QDMA.

Heck, when you look at it like that, you have a moral obligation to dump your IP address.
I go over there about once a month, and it seems like the content never gets very deep anymore. You're not missing much. In solidarity with the rebels here, I do not post.
It had been 3 weeks since I logged in over there, and the only reason I did was to post on the Fantasy Football thread, lol. I keep my habitat thoughts to this site almost exclusively now. I like the closely knit group we have formed here, it's like a hunting camp of it's own.:) The thing about never visiting the "dark side" is that if you didn't, you might miss little gems like the one I posted that someone over there stumbled across. I obviously am not against "snagging" content from that sight and posting it here for the "good guys" to use to improve their habitat. He!! there are good portions of some of Paul's threads that I would copy/paste here if it weren't so easy to just go back and look at them over there as a "guest".
They have been sending me renewal notices. The latest one would net me a $25 Bass Pro gift card for purchasing a $30 membership. Thought about it for a day or two since this is a great deal. Then I remembered why I joined in the first place. Oh yea, it was the strong armed membership drive last year that was forced upon us forum users who were "not members". Renewal notice was shredded.
I occasionally post over on the old site - only because there are a couple guys that are local to me in Pa. that I like to keep in touch with. I agree that the content there isn't what it was before. Much better info here - more detailed, concise - and no power struggle. I log on to this site to DE-STRESS and plug into the outdoors/outdoor info/habitat realm with other like-minded individuals. I have enough other sources of stress - I don't need one more from a hunting / outdoor / habitat site! I'll stay here.

Thanks, Whip, for the links!
Check in over at the dark side every now and again. Not much to see there.

Last I checked the "A" still claims they have a branch at Pequot Lakes......and they never had an active branch here.....despite them claiming so for over SIX years. The dark side has done NOTHING to support the average MN deer hunter. QDM may work..... but the "A" does not. The association is a bad hoax on my area.

Lindsay....take down that dot at Pequot Lakes. You do not exist here.....and it's disingenuous for your organization to claim you have representation where you do not.

OK...back to your regularly scheduled program. ;)