Non-invasive Buckthorn offered by Jung's


5 year old buck +
Fine line Rhamnus.."Produces very little viable fruit to reseed"

I won't be buying any. The next invasive??
Who's to say in the right environment they won't start producing seed? I'm sure they are very adaptable, just like most living things. Also, who is to say under the right conditions they don't sucker profusely?
Anything to make a buck God bless capitalism
Stu-you know far more about these plants than I do. Rhamus frangula "Ron Williams"

It does not look at all like the other buckthorns.
I'm not ordering. We have got enough of these things started by being called non-invasive.
Anything growing on my property with the name "Buckthorn" will get a heavy dose of Garlon.........invasive or not!
Jungs doesn't have any problems selling invasives. It's all about $$.