No till planter input - Finally time!


5 year old buck +
I need to move on the no till planting to improve the soil and productivity of my food plots. okay maybe i do not need to but definitely want to. i have never used a no till so am very unfamiliar with the brands and units that i should be searching for. Have used grain drills and corn planters extensively.

I am in central wi so if someone has a no till that they may be getting ready to sell let me know. Also i would be interested in renting one if someone has one close by.

Background info-- I run a John deere 3020 as my main tractor. Typically planting 20+ acres of food plots each year.

Lets get this discussion started - pretty sure there is not a no till thread on this site yet and I know we have a bunch of experience in forum members.

Want to move towards more what dipper, doug, Mo buckchaser do in their non traditional approaches.

What size no till planter should I be looking for? What brands? How much should I expect to pay for a good used unit? Is a no till planter the that much of an improvement?
Area rental rate is $10/ acre. I'd start with your closest implement dealer. At that price I would never buy one, especially when you are looking at $10,000-$18,000 easy.
Definitely going to do some projects with no till this year. But as dipper stated think i will start with renting one.

But will continue my research on no till drills as I tend to be the guy who likes to plant when I have time. Pretty busy traveling somewhere in north america each week so it tends to be a challenge to plan my planting too far in advance. My philosophy is buy right and you will get your money back if you decide to sell. Fast easy and convenient to use if you have it in your shed.

thanks for your input