Never saw one of these before.....

Another interesting item.....and could work for someone with lots of swamp to drain. I don't think I ever saw one of these.....lots of PTO HP required,
Both are rather unusual.
gosh i watched some youtube videos of the ditcher....That thing is wicked!
Kind of like a snow blower for dirt.
Kind of like a snow blower for dirt.

Yep, Kinda what I thought too. Back in the 50's my Dad manufactured some rotary snow blowers for tractors. Was a fairly new concept back then.....and they were WAY overbuilt compared to today's machines. They had two big HD rotors kinda like that shown. I remember them trying the snow blower to load peat ground into a truck - for a bagged peat operation. Kinda strange.....but inventive minds tried all kinds of stuff in those times.