Need Surveyor - Central WI


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I am finding surveying costs all over the map during my initial foray into discussions with surveyors . Looking of any names of surveying companies or individuals you have had good luck with. Hopefully reasonable on price also. Open field 10 acre parcel needs to be broken out separate -- so obviously good sight lines. thanks
Around what city? I used a guy out of Adams. I'll dig up his info if that is in the neighborhood.
Around what city? I used a guy out of Adams. I'll dig up his info if that is in the neighborhood.
Not too far from Adams - 40-45 minutes would be interested in your contact if you can find it
MSA Professional Services
Adams, Wisconsin 53910
Your best bet is to find a surveyor who has surveyed in that particular section (square mile) before. The cost of establishing the location of the section corners and quarter section corners is by far the greatest cost, way more than the splitting of the 10. If you are lucky, there is a local guy who has been in that section previously. As a matter of fact, some of your lower-cost estimates may be because that surveyor has already been near your place.

'Its only 10 acres'
'Open sight lines'
My favorite ... 'I already know where the corners are, I just need you to come drive the markers.'

I've heard them all and none of them really affect the cost much with today's equipment.
I'm going to hi-jack the thread for a second... if you do know where the corners are, or there is an old ran down fence line through the woods that you want remarked so a new fence can be put up...any cost savings if you clear a path for the surveyor through the woods or should you just let them deal with all the trees\shrubs\vines that may be on the line?

I'm not talking about cutting down big trees, but the small stuff erroring to your side of the line.
Probably not. Surveyors do this stuff every day. They will set up in strategic locations where they can see several spots to mark with minimal machete work. They certainly will not run straight down the line.
Any idea of what would the cost be to have someone come out and do a survey?