Need info on scion harvesting - what season.....


5 year old buck +
I know of 2 possible sources for apple scion wood from OLD trees that are situated in a freezing cold mountain valley. If I recall, these trees hold apples into November. I intend to speak to the land owner this fall & ask permission to cut some scion wood, but I need to tell him when that might be. Does scion get cut in winter, spring....... ? If I can get permission, I could possibly ship some to you guys that graft. I have no need to graft in my situation, but if I can help perpetuate some old varieties that hang on for other grafters, I'd be glad to help. Someone let me know the scion season so I can ask him. If he says yes - I'll get back on here to get more informed directions as to how to store - package for shipping, etc.