My first cutting and some other things...


5 year old buck +
Busy weekend, I attempted my first cutting planting. If only it was that easy. I had two places I wanted to try. Both are narrow open swampy areas that sit between bedding areas and food plots. Right now these areas look like a jungle with 5' ferns and other swampy things. After the first frost they become wide open and the deer start to avoid them as the season goes on. My plan was to weed whack a 5' path through the swamp about 100 yards long in both locations. Where I wanted the cuttings I made a bowl down to the mud with the whacker. Then I sprayed a big circle around that with round up. Hopefully they will stay clear enough to grow with occasional whacking. image.jpgHere is a cleared bowl with the willow cutting.

Of coarse all my photos are to big to post, argh I need to figure out how to post iPhone photos.
image.jpg Here I tried to frost seed clover into a grass field we keep mowed, I think it might have worked a little.
image.jpg Out of all my plantings this year the silky dog wood is my favorite so far. I got them from MDC and they are growing very fast. I planted them around two of my wood plots. If they continue to grow like this I will be planting a lot of edges with them. They only get a little sun so I am not sure how long this growth will coninue. I also had the kids help me finish planting the sweet corn and a sugar beet plot. I almost lost the little one to a swarm of deer flues, they had her a couple inches off the ground. They are one thing the long winter didn't hurt. They are as thick as I can remember.
A big thanks to John for the cuttings, hopefully they can survive in the jungle. If anyone can tell me how to re-size pics from an iPhone so they post that would be great.
Email them to yourself and when asked what size, select medium. Then download again and then post. That's the quickest for me.
Nice job man!