My apple planting rig


5 year old buck +
this is the tractor and AUGER we use to plant our apple trees. makes digging a piece of cakeplant2014d.jpg
here is the ranger we use to haul trees and water and toolsplant2014e.jpg
And here is the best tool I have Bro power LOLplant2014f.jpg
Good looking equipment, and it looks like bro has worked up a sweat!
Bro looks like he needs some liquid courage :)

He had some good liquids afterwards and he is a willing participant as he shot an awesome buck on the property this past season
Big bucks tend to motivate the help don't they?

I've planted ~50 apple trees with an 18" auger. They were all fall planted. I had almost 100% success with this method. Although my ground is so rocky, I don't have to worry about the auger making the sides of the hole "hard". An 18" auger usually results in a 30" hole!

I've got a 12" auger bit.....and wish for a bigger one for trees. But a little shovel operation around the outside of the hole works too.
Nice equipment! I hope to have a tractor someday. ;)
I think mine is 12 inch auger and it works fine and can do a bit of shovel work in hole once you auger. If I didn't have a tractor I would be dead LOL Best investment I ever made except for my farm LOL
Looks slick! I bet you laugh at the prospect of planting trees, whereas before the trees would be laughing at you...I haven't quite earned the work smarter, not harder badge yet
I definitely need an auger for my tractor for apple tree planting. A few more by hand this year again ..... then next year convince the boss I need another tool to work smart :rolleyes: .. think I have apple rig envy!
It really does save your back and the energy you need later in the day when you are putting cages on or getting to those last few trees