Meat Grinder & Burger mix


5 year old buck +
I've always cut and wrapped my own venison. I usually use the scrap for stew meat. I'd like to get a grinder and make some into burger. What ratio do you guys use who make your own or have it made for you? I'm going to use beef for the mix and not pork. Also thinking of getting a LEM #8 grinder any comments on this or suggestions. Thanks
3lbs venison to 1 lb hamburger is a good ratio. This is what we use IF we decide to mix it. Most of the time we do not mix in other meat, because we do not make "burgers" from our ground venison, we use it in "venison helper" type recipes and mostly for venison chili. When we do mix it we used the cheaper 80%-20% fat ratio ground beef, the point is to put some fat in the meat anyway and using something like 95%-5% ground sirloin is spendy and defeats the purpose. Can't help you with the grinder, we had one that attached to our meat bandsaw, or since we don't grind that much anyway, we use an old handcrank one we got at the second hand store.
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We just grind the venison and eat it like any other hamburger. The burger tastes fine if it is from young deer. We like it very lean.

An older buck might need some doctoring with sausage seasoning.
I add 20% beef trimmings (not straight suet) from the local meat dept. to mine. If you want a real treat, grind in 20% cheap bacon instead to make great bacon burgers. Either way will give you roughly 85% lean burger.
I add 70/30 hamburger. About 3 to 1 ratio.
I do a lot of meat so we have a # 32 1 1/2 hp grinder from cabela's.
I use my trimmings from a butchers supply wholesale warehouse.

I used to buy a whole sirloin. I think they were around 10 pounds. I would have the butcher trim it into steaks and then add all the trimmings (about 2pounds)to my venison burger which was usually around 10 pounds. That was our favorite burger. Now the place I go will only add pork or grind it straight.
All I need is to get another deer so I have something to grind.
All I need is a deer to grind.
All I need is a deer to grind.
I know what it's like eating tag soup. Done it several times. I'm going to try to get a late season bow tag filled but not holding my breath it's going to happen.