Material to put around buildings


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What material are folks putting around your farm builds for driving and parking? I have a couple small buildings I want to put something down like crushed concrete for parking trailers and equipment on.

Was wondering what others are using that works well and holds up.

Just class 5 on my light soil. sometimes not even that, but I am cheap.
We use pit run gravel, but we have a few small gravel pits that we can pull it out of so we don't have to buy it from someone. It has larger rocks that class 5 since it hasn't been ran through a crusher but works good for us.

It should be a a lot cheaper than processed stuff if you have pits locally.
I'm too tight to spend for crushed stone.....and my sandy soil really does not require any. But, I have used some crushed concrete and crushed granite with very good results. Not too expensive either. Really stays where you place it!

I've got a fire ring area at my house with crushed granite.....and it's clean and fantastic looking....IMO.
We just use some gravel/class 5 type stuff we dig from the property to fix approaches or around the barn. Works great.
Crushed granite does look really nice. I've been thinking I'd use that for the top layer of my driveway when I get that far.
I have used crushed concrete some and it packs nicely but the top layers seems to wash-out and your left with agregate/rocks. Crushed concrete is also expensive and because I need quite allot of material I was thinking of putting down a base of maybe class 5 or even sand and then a top layer of either crushed concrete or other material.

How many inches of top material should be put down on top of a base? If I put down 10" of class 5 as a base what how musc for a top layer; 4"?
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What did you pay for the class 5?