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Is it necessary to spray roundup prior to laying down BigRock landscape fabric and planting cuttings or will grass die without spraying?
I cut the area first then layed it down..Last year I sprayed the areas with round up for this years planting.
This is just for some individual shrubs in my lawn....4x4 square w mulch...will the grass die?
You could scalp it down with a weedeater and then put your fabric down
I'd go with Bryant's suggestion - use a weed eater then lay your fabric. I normally lay the fabric over the grass and use a number of staples to hold the fabric down.
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You could scalp it down with a weedeater and then put your fabric down

Bryant has it down....

The fabric will kill anything you lay it on top of. The issue is wind getting under it and "removing" it. Small squares in your yard are no problem. But longer runs the danger goes up.

Remember these picture anyone?

2012 - Nursery Disaster Aftermath 5_resize.JPG

2012 - Nursery Disaster Aftermath 5_resize.JPG

That was a bad day to be in the nursery business! We had put down 15' wide X-cell fabric covering about 125 x 200 (if memory serves).

The next weekend we fixed it:

2012 - Nursery Expansion 5_resize.JPG

And added some BIG rocks:
2012 - Nursery Disaster Aftermath Repaired  9_resize.JPG

It hasn't moved since :)

john I just got my fabric and staples from you. How far apart do you recommend stakes?
The smoother the surface underneath is the less chance there is for the wind to get ahold of it. And will reduce the number of stakes and rock. Another trick is to dig a trench around the edge and back fill on to the fiber.