Lincoln Oakes Nursery


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One of my favorite nurseries is Lincoln Oakes, which is run by Soil and Water Department Districts in North Dakota. I've used Lincoln Oakes for the last seven years and it has prices comparable to the MDC, and sells seedlings in various sizes/year groups. I've purchased Lilacs for the yard, Golden Current, Serviceberry, Arrowwood, Wild Plum and others from Lincoln Oakes, and have always been satisfied. It's a northern nursery so its seedlings are acclimated to MN & WI, but also grow here in MO.
Looks like a good selection.

It's interesting I've never seen a nursery advertise what tree seeds they may need for the coming season.
I have purchased a number of things from Lincoln Oaks and have been happy with their plants. Their Black Chokeberry "CHOKEBERRY, BLACK 'McKENZIE" is heavily browsed on my place and it doesn't mind wet soils. I have a low area that is dominated by Reed canary grass that I plan on cleaning up and planting a few hundred of these Chokeberry's.
I had good luck shading out Johnson Grass, and wonder if that would work with Reed Canary?
Lincoln Oakes is affiliated with a couple other nurseries, so if they're out of stock they can get it... sometimes. I'm calling tomorrow about Crabapples, High Bush Cranberry and Lilacs. I was also wondering about "Honeyberry". Does anyone know anything about Honeyberry?

Stu, I'll ask when I call tomorrow. I bought bareroot Cockspur from Lincoln Oakes in 2008.
I ordered some trees from Lincoln Oakes

Barely remember what, some pin cherry and swamp white oak I think. They have a nice catalog, and I think they will have trees that withstand cold and wind based on their location!
Lincoln Oakes has changed their policy. There are now two lists, retail and wholesale, and retail prices jumped. 25 Dolgo crabapples were $69, still a good deal so I ordered some Lumite from John and will have 25 Dolgos in the ground soon.

smsmith, if you want Cockspur seed, remind me in the Fall.