Lightfield Slugs

MA VT Flatlander

5 year old buck +
I had two Lightfield Comander 12 ga. 3" slugs not fire,one shooting at a buck the other one target shooting. I have no confidence in that slug now. I went back to Winchester.

Any one esle have Lightfields no fire in there gun?


5 year old buck +
Once you go never go back. ;)


No experience with Lightfields. But I did try out some truball slugs from Federal last week and I was very pleased with the results at 100 yards with my smoothbore :eek:


I tried them but could not get them to group. They all did fire. The cheap winchester sabots were what worked for me.

MA VT Flatlander

5 year old buck +
Winchester BRI sabots shoot good and group great out of my Savage 210 Bolt action slug gun.


5 year old buck +
I've used Lightfields for years. 2 years ago I guess I ran into a bad batch. Those things shot all over the place. Tried some more last season and they were fine. Go figure. Never had one fail to fire.