Lightening and trail cams


5 year old buck +
Last August I went to pull the cards out of my cams, I went to pull the card out of this one and the bottom door was gone I looked around and found it on the ground along with all the batteries. My first thought was those coons got to it because I was getting pics of them on the last pull, looking further I saw a line down the tree and some of the cam was blackened, the tree was hit with lightening and it fried my trail cam.

Pics of the coons the pull before the strike

Pic of the tree, notice the big hole in the line where the trail cam was.

And finally the trail cam.

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Wow! That is the first time I have seen anything like that.
Can see the pic?
Sorry, don't know what happened so I reloaded them
Send it in for warranty, appears to have some sort of electrical problem ;)
A few years ago I had lightening strike a tree that I had a trail cam in, today I found that a branch from this sme tree fell and hit another trail cam that was on a post under it. Trail cam appears to still be working, just cut the eye bolt off on the bracket and made it shorter so all is well.

Dang, it's dangerous in dem dar woods!!
I lost 5 in the flooding this year