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Turkey Creek

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One of my Grandfathers passed away early saturday morning at the young age of 95. :) As I reflect upon his life and how it impacted mine I came to the conclusion that he was definitely a big contributor to teaching me what it is to be a man; a hard worker, devoted to family and God, not to dwell on the bad days and to always have a sense of humor!

Now that it is afternoon for the majority of us. Lets raise our drink of choice ( in the case of Grandpa a whiskey sour) and reflect on the good men that came before us and taught us to be good men. So that when we die people we have known will raise their drinks in our honor. Rest in peace Grandpa.
Sounds like you lost a good one. I still miss my grandpa he was a tough farmer that always made it through the tough times and taught all of us what it meant to work hard.
To those that where more than just gradfathers - our mentors, our teachers, our heros.


Lost a hero of my own in June 2012 - I was his first grandchild (born on his birthday to boot) - to say we had something special is a little bit of an understatement. It's where my call sign came from. Not sure what it means - just what what he called me. Miss him terribly.

Sorry for you loss Turkey Creek - they live on in our memories and our hearts and as long as they live there, they never leave us.
Here-Here! sorry for your loss TC. May he rest in peace and may you carry the torch to light your way, and the way of the ones to come behind you!
Sorry for your loss TC. May he rest in peace beside the seat of the Father. I will raise a glass to that, Here-Here! I do have a quote that I think of in times like these, and even though the "author" that is quoted is considered by many to be controversial, his words are no less true.

The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively. - Bob Marley
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TC sorry for your loss. Remember the good times.
To your good memories of your Grandpa and to memories of everyone's mentors.
Sorry for your loss, TC. I would guess that most of us on this forum wouldn't be on here if it weren't for our fathers, grandfathers, uncles. Most of us got introduced to the outdoors by our mentors & that's usually family. I'm in mid-50's and I can remember my first hunts ( a good number ) like they happened yesterday. That's a huge testament to my Pop, uncles, and cousins. They made it all FUN ! It's the same with all of the rest of you guys on here. If our mentors wouldn't have done a good job starting us out, we'd have lost interest probably.

I'll raise a glass with the rest of you and thank God we had those men. Then let's enjoy a laugh over some of the crazy, fluky, ball-busting stuff that happened with them !!! Makes the drink taste even better. Here-here.
Your a blessed man to have spent so many years with your grandfather! Cheers to your grandfather!