Leaf blowers on wheels


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Ok curious if the panel has suggestions on leaf blowers for clearing leaves out of food plots. I currently use a backpack blower but am really thinking of upgrading to either a self propelled 10 or 13 hp billy goat. I heard the 13 hp get really heavy to move around. Luckily my land is flat. Just not 18 any more. Any advice would be very welcome. Thank you
Why are your removing your leaves? Free compost / mulch.

They make 3 point blowers if you got a tractor.
Curious if anyone can tell me about this.


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Omg bill. I'm rolling over laughing. Thank you for giving me perma grin.
that planter looks alot like the field tuff ones. Not really a no-till. If you got sandy soil, you might get away with it. Most folks I've read using this have to till before they plant with it.

Atleast new, for a few dollars more you can get a tar river one.
So does that mean it's a grain drill. Our soil is very sandy .9 OM if it works to put down seed and then crimped the duff on top over the seed would that be better then just broadcasting. My neighbors friend bought it and I'm trying to get make n model to learn more. Thank you for the information big bore