Lawn mower for parts. Snakes come with it.


bat man

snakesinlawnmower.JPG I have a Toro Groundsmaster I am willing to barter for one box of Budweiser. Box must be cold and contain 24 twelve or 16 ounce cans.

The mower has been abused and is near death.

Price is firm.

Snakes go with the mower.

Delivery not an option.
Bud. Never could drink that stuff. Never had problems with most of the other though. I hope you get your price. If nothing else looks as it will make a good snake home.
I may just dump it in St Paul. The boys can create a 'model' to fix it and we can bet how long it takes for the wheels to fall off.

Sorry to hear that Bud hates your guts. (made myself smile right there-)
Is that a Toro Wheelhorse? With snakes thats a great deal! :)