Later to Leaf out / later to bloom Apples.


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Seeing the thread / comments recently about frosts ruining our trees. Anybody have some good recommendations for late blooming trees? Also, I tried to keep most of my home orchard bloom group 3 and 4. However, does bloom group relate to how late the buds start waking up. Or are there trees who makes leaves, then blossom flowers a bit later?

Hard for me to add to this discussion, my mature trees are unknown at home and my majority of my orchard is 1 or 2 years old. It does seem enterpsie, sundance, and golden delicious do leaf out noticeably later than my bloom group 3 trees.

10 of my home orchard trees are used for scion source to make trees up at camp in zone 3. dolgo, winter wildlife, AWHO, crossbow, 30-06, singal fire (oaknut), chestnut, droptine, franklin cider, kerr, and macoun. Those are mostly crabapples which are early bloomers and most of them are not rated into bloom groups. Macoun and fraklin cider seem to be my only ones that drop/rripe in hunting season and bloom a bit later than most. USDA rexoned my camp to a zone 4 now, but polar vortex's still touch up in the adirondacks maybe once every 3 or 4 years from my 13 years going up there reguarly. -10 degree january night is about expected every year. I am tempted to plant a enterprise up there and see if it survives.

Since this is about late to start apples, has anybody seen wildlife not prefer fully ripened apples. up north the season ends sooner. At my home I am a bit concerned granny smith won't fully ripen each year. However, I could see an early fall frost cut things real short up at camp. I recall a labor day weekend up there with frost a few years back.

I have only so much room at home, well atleast until the wife get real grumpy.... I have few doubles, but I did double on enterprise, sundance, galarina, empire, and pristine. My main reason was later bloom dates more than disease resistance. Wife's favorite all purpose apple is empire, not a bad bloom or disease pick for a 100+ year old apple. Cross between red delicious and mcintsoh.
Cobbler crab leafed out about 2 weeks after all my other trees. Big ten was later to. But I just planted my bluehill trees first week of April so I'm not sure if that means much lol
Enterprise blooming strong right now and along with it are Harrison cider and honey gold. Some mention of FB issues with honey gold but have not seen it and I like the other traits of later slow drop.

My turning point still too young to show their bloom time here

And if you like some variety with a birdie crab prairiefire just starting to bloom now which later than most crabs. The dolgo and Whitney are completely done. Chestnut crab was after dolgo and still some lingering blooms. Ranetka seedlings just before peak
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If you're looking for apples for zone 4, check out Perfect Circle Farm. Buzz is in zone 4.
How about later blooming pears? I need something to pollinate Johantorp

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My Turning Points are easily the latest trees to come out of dormancy here. Have high hopes for them.
I believe Turning Point's mother tree is from up there with you in N.Y. Ryan (of Blue Hill) got the scion from up there.
I'm going to add some complexity to this discussion...

I've been keeping a diary for years of when each of my fruit trees reach full bloom. It started out as a study to determine if I had enough bees. In addition to the logging blossom progress daily, I was taking a photo of each tree during its blossoming cycle, noting nightly low temperatures, and then taking photos again in the fall to study the percent fruiting success.

On my property, my fruit tree full bloom dates don't seem to always sync with the varieties' rated flowering groups. I think that probably has to do with each tree's location and general health. One thing I do wish to add that might be helpful is that my commercial varieties seem to have shorter blossoming periods and the apples on the trees seem to ripen at the same time, whereas some of my seed grown trees have blossom periods that go on for weeks and then drop their apples over more extended periods.

Another thing I will mention is that a member on here asked me this spring to compare the full bloom timing of two seed grown trees I have, so I paid particular attention. The two trees leafed out at the same time. One blossoms seven days +/- later than the other one every year.

Next years project is adding bees. Dont want another hobby though. Just setup their habitat, maybe mason bees. Need to do homework.
I've never seen an apple later to leaf out and bloom than Court Pendu Plat
All of my named trees have leafed and bloomed but 4 wild trees are just starting to bloom. I keep notes and this is their typical bloom time each year. These 4 start dropping in October and are finished by the 4th week of October. Roughly golf ball sized apples.
Is st lawrence's winter wildlife a late to leaf out tree?

Almost gave up on the graft on m111. It just leafed out. Harrison was real slow to leaf out last year, think early mid june.
Here is a list of apples and their bloom times. Keep in mind you will need a cross pollinator in each bloom period to insure pollination. The range of periods below usually cover ~3 week period in May, but can vary depending on how early soil warms up in spring. Drop times harder to predict as most charts focus focus on ripening times. I think the term drop time is relatively new and mostly used by habitat guys. Bluehill does have a drop time chart on their website.

Bloom times

Callaway Crab, Calypso, Chehalis, Dolgo Crab, Era, Gravenstein*, Lodi, Mountain Rose Red Flesh, Odysso, Pink Pearl, Scarlet Surprise Red Flesh, Spartan, Whitney (Crab), William’s Pride, Wynooche Early, Yellow Transparent

EARLY-MID: Amere de Berthcourt Cider, Ashmead’s Kernal*, Braeburn, Cortland, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Empire, Firecracker Red Flesh (Crab), Freedom, Golden Russet, Haralson, Honeygold, Jonathan, Karmijn*, Kerr Crab, Liberty, Lubsk Queen, Mutsu*, Pink Lady, Prima, Snow Famuse, Transcendent Crab, Wealthy, Winesap*

LATE-MID: Akane, Arkansas Black*, Criterion, Enterprise, Fuji, Gala, Golden Sentinel Columnar, GoldRush, Holstein*, Honeycrisp, Hudson’s Golden Gem, Jonagold*, King*, Macoun, Melrose, Northpole Columnar, Queen Cox, Rubinette, Sansa, Scarlet Sentinel Columnar, Spitzenberg, Summer Rambo*, Summerred, WineCrisp, Winter Banana, Wolf River, Yellow Delicious

LATE: Calville Blanc D’Hiver, Ellison’s Orange, Prairie Spy, Red Fuji, Red Spy, Roxbury Russet*
Winter Wildlife is a bit later to wake up compared to dolgo or chestnut crab for instance

Here it is blooming just a tad before enterprise and overlapping some
winter wildlife med.jpg

Here is enterprise same time with a few blooms to open yet but mostly there
enterprise med.jpg

The enterprise is on M7 while WW from SLN would guess is on antonovka or its own roots
G sqaured is right, this thread needs to talk about pears. I only got bartlett and kieffer. Theyre beating my apple trees in growth, but leaf out way early.

Any info on turning point? Biennial, diseases, ripe/drop time. Zone 3?

I did get an arkansas black. I think that tree on m111 should be in everyones camp in drought prone areas.
Might be asking if someone has both winter wildlife and turning point scion for next year.

Contacted blue hill, the tree is from NY. A little bit north of Pulaski by the eastern lake ontario shore. Decent chance I snowmobiled past it once. Definitely something I want to graft a few for camp.

Anybody have mature fruit pictures of turning point? I think I am going to graft a macoun for camp next year too. Got one at home from stark.