Kubota or John Deere


5 year old buck +
Kubota or Deere tractor. I have both dealers near me. Both have been around a long time and are reliable. If all things were equal which would you buy & why. It would be hydro in the 38 HP range with a loader.
I'm a Deere guy.....but either brand is good stuff. One thing I do NOT like on the Kubota is the treadle peddle. Folks get sore legs from holding that peddle with their foot having to hold position. The twin pedals on the Deere is superior IMO. The ergonomics suit me better on the Deere product. Power and weight and features may be similar on either brand. Both brands have lots of models to compare.

All things are not equal tho.....Kubota does have better prices. I think you will find the Kubota to be 10% (or more) lower in cost. Deere is pretty proud of their green paint. If you price one against the other (deere against kubota deals) you may get your best deal.....but your gonna have to work on it. The Deere dealers typically won't spend much time working on a sale....seems business is too easy for some of them.
I went Deere as well, but all was not equal and I got a deal. I have nothing agains the others, I have been very happy with my Deere, they are very proud of that green paint as well as their parts.
If dealer support is equal, I would take what ever product you feel more comfortable on. I agree with foggy on the toe, heel treadle peddle on the Kubota. I just dont like it, that being said I've heard once your used to it, it's not too bad.

I think most of the major brands all have a pretty good product and it really comes down to dealer support.