Just One!



JUST FOR FUN! If you could only plant one type of tree , shrub, grass etc., what would you choose and why?
I'm partial to native warm season grasses. Once established, they don't require a lot of maintenance, useful for year around habitat, grow even in drought years, great for conservation of soil, can be easily turned back into crop land. Then if you get bored, you can set a match to it...that's always good for entertainment!
I think I will vote with AD on this one, for the same reasons plus it reminds of home. Though I am starting to become addicted to fruit trees!:D
I'll go for Burr Oak. Slow grower, but a potential food source for maybe 100 years!
I would plant something close to NWMN'S SUNN HEMP cash crops are always useful Ha!
NWSG's just do not get much use in the winter in the north country. They are either flat or buried under snow.

Number one would be a chestnut crab (for me and for the deer).

Number two would be white spruce.
For trees, apple because you can stagger drop times over several months and don't take for ever to produce.
For shrub, not sure, still learning but have planted a half dozen types and will see if a preference developes.
For grass, winter rye is tough to beat. Great fall, winter and spring food source, soil builder and fawning cover.
Roses. Not for the deer or birds. :)
I'd have to say pear. No room for cover. Lots of browse and tons of persimmon rootstock to graft to. Apples take too much maintenance down here and pears will out produce them down here anyway.
That's a tough one.... So I'll pick a couple.

Winter Rye.

All 3 can be planted, and will self-replant with a little help.

You didn't say I couldn't spray :)

White clover. I suppose that comes from me trying to get some established for 20+ years on our sand and never getting positive results, while watching all my buddies with good soil having clover fields that were over run with deer.
winter rye

norway spruce
....if limited to 1 plant?

....please bury me!

Our favorite is to see what the combination of fire and a saw can do in closed canopy scrub timber.....it is indeed a 'box of mixed chocolates' with no 'cheat sheet'!

I just like plants and diversity....for the soul cleansing and myth busting....simplifying the middle aged lifestyle!
Grafted dolgo crab on B118 rootstock. If that's all I can have, can I have a lot of them? I'd sacrafice 10% of them per year for hinging and browse. That is as long as I can plant 10% more each year and keep rotating.
A lot of good responses! I am a little surprised the apple tree hasn't gotten a little more notice.
x2 on eastern red cedar. If I have a future daughter her name will be Cedar. Always have loved them.
I wish there was a tree that, grew quickly, produced mast in less than ten years, could compete in a forest enviroment, produced mast every year, resprouted after being cut, edible fruit, valuable wood, etc. Oh wait...there is such a tree...THE AMERICAN CHESTNUT!
I can't wait for the blight resistant tree to be available.
They now have a Chestut that is 15/16 American and blight resistant and they are replanting strip mines and experimental forest plots.

Since the American Chestnut is not widely available to the public, I think I will go with a crab apple. It's easy to grow,produces early, and favored by a lot of wildlife.
In my area, with Ag all around me, one of the most under valued trees there is...the Eastern Red Cedar. Why?

1. Great cover for deer, turkeys, grouse, rabbits, ect. year around
2. Great thermal cover for our impossibly long winters.
2. Birds love the seeds and to nest in them.
3. Zero maintenance required to grow. Plant and walk away
4. Great rubbing posts. Nothing prettier than a 6" cedar trunk shredded from an angry/turned on buck
People plant them???

You've seen my place. I've got too many of them.
I'm planting 500 this weekend Art. Don't ask me why but I like the nasty invasive trees others hate especially locust trees.