It's a Zoo out there!!!

Brad N

Yearling... With promise
These, among many deer pics, were just from the last 30 days.

very cool. is that a water hole or mineral lick to the left?
nice pics!
Gotta love getting all sorts of wildlife off the cams! Is it just me or is that a pretty large kitty?
Gotta love getting all sorts of wildlife off the cams! Is it just me or is that a pretty large kitty?

I was thinking the same as nwmn. Could that be a lynx? What area were the pictures taken in?

We had picture a few years ago over a dead deer a few years ago that were poor quality due to it being an old IR camera. But we were pretty sure it was a lynx due to its size and longer ear tufts.

Cool pictures Brad!
Great pics.
Cool pics. That is a good sized bobcat. Legs arent right for a lynx. Is that second canine pic a wolf? Head looks like a wolf.
Mineral site to the left. That's a big bobcat! And a good size coyote (I think....). NW Minnesota.
Brad, you're over by middle river correct?
Also, are you seeing a ton more bears this year than years past?
Yep, Middle River. We started seeing bear last year. A couple more this year. before that we did not see any in the first 25 years up there.
I have land by Hallock and we have bear. Neighbor saw one on edge of my planted spruce trees
I've never caught a wolf on camera. The first one looks like a coyote, but the second one looks bigger. Is it also a coyote?

Yote 10 - Copy.JPG Yote 03 - Copy.JPG
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That's a good question...I have trouble distinguishing the two. THe second one is definitely larger, I may lean to the wolf side as his head looks blocky, and not as narrow as what I associate with yotes.
fawn populations are decent, I would say it's comparable to past years. bear sightings have gone way up on our place too this year. Brad, not to be intrusive but are you west or east of 32? we are 5 miles west of middle river on county road 6.
sorry for the delay, we've been atv'ing in the Black Hills for the last 8 days. We are east of 32, north of 6 on the ridge road.
Those are some very healthy well fed looking predators! Fun to see the dominant predators of the timber! Have you noticed a dent in your fawn crop?