is this a cherry tree?


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I found this tree on public land the other week while I was muzzle loader hunting.

I think it. may be a cherry tree, hopefully someone can tell from my bad pictures. I found it right about the end of shooting light. As you can see from the picture it was covered up in tracks, and there seemed to be trails coming to it from every direction.

I guess I was thinking cherry because of the size of the fruit and the long stems.

I need to get back out there and get a better picture when there is still good daylight.
I was trying to ID one of mine that also shares those same looks. Pea sized fruit, long stem, still hanging. I popped one in my mouth and gnashed it a little to taste it. Mine tasted like a cherry, or at least that's the closest I could come to a flavor. I'm puzzled with mine as well. I'm hoping I can catch it in spring and get a good profile put together for the silvitectives here.
So what kind of crap apple is that picture Stu? Or is it just an image you found???
Cut a fruit open and see how many seeds there are. If only one it's either a cherry or a plum. If it has multiple seeds it could be a apple, hawthorn, or pear. That would be a good place to start. I have to admit that the pictures of it loosing it's fruit and leaving the stems on the tree is kind of throwing me for a loop.