IH 4 Row Planter - $1,000

West Branch

5 year old buck +
My brother is selling a 4 row planter for $1,000. It should work well for larger food plots. He is willing to take offers. Let me know if you want more info.

Link to craigslist:


IH 800 Corn Planter - $1000 (Kettle River)

International 800 Cyclo Corn Planter

4 Row 36" Spacing

Stored Inside

Dry Fertilizer
That is a good price for an 800 air planter. He should be asking $1,500.

You can make a few 100 if you buy it and resell, sounds like your kind of deal ;). It doesn't get use on our farm any more and having more shed space is worth the lower price.
I have one just like it for sale. the fertilizer boxes were rusted, but I found nice ones to slap on it. never used it, but I heard they are okay planters? had big plans to plant big corn food plots with it but I'm not sure I want to go that route anymore. might still keep it if I ever figure out how it works.
funny how timing is everything. I bought an old school Ford 307 plate planter only a few years ago. Buddy of mine wanted some room in his shed - paid $50 for the planter, a 5 gallon bucket full of plates for it and the original owners manual. I made money just on the bucket of plates! He got room in his shed and he and his wife went out for dinner that night on my $50! Everybody walked away happy! Hopper agitater was rusted and doesn't work, but it still drops fertilizer (just have to watch the moisture level)works well enough for what I use it for (planting corn and soybeans). Good luck with your sale. Lots of guys buy old planters and cut them down for use in gardens as single or two row units.