ID please

Disclaimer: I'm not an expert.

That doesn't look like anything i know to be safe. My vote is DO NOT EAT.
I'm not a mushroom eater but would like to know what it is.
Is that second pic the underside? If not, roll one over so we can see the belly. There is an outside chance it could be an oyster, but the size leads me to believe no.
Both pics are from the top.
I have no idea what it is, but looking at it does not make me hungry. If you do eat it, let us know how it tastes and how you feel the next day.
I'm not going to eat it, but would like to know what it is. Here are pics from the under side. It's about 12-14" in diameter, the stem is about 1.5" it's about 3/8" thick by the stem and tapers to nothing at the edge.


Hey tooln, finally found the id for your mushroom. I believe it is called a giant panus. If that's what it is I have read it is edible but very tough. It is a very cool looking mushroom, I have never seen one before. I know you're not going to eat it, but I don't like telling anybody that a mushroom is edible except for a few that are 100% non mistakable . Some mushrooms can look almost identical and one could be safe and one poisonous.
Wow I had forgotten all about this post. It sure was different looking.